Coffee on the go! Brewers that allow you to make a great cup anywhere

Brew coffee in your car? In the park? While you walk? Yup, yes, and absolutely! Brewing coffee is a remarkably versatile art. Using old methods, such as a campfire, high-tech methods that allow you to brew in your car, or hybrid methods, you can brew a cup of your favorite coffee almost anywhere. In this blog, we are going to share our favorite methods for brewing on the move.

Brew and go

Bodum Travel Press: Our favorite travel press, the Bodum Travel Press is your brewer and cup in one! The lovely, durable press has a double-walled mug made of stainless steel, a stainless steel mesh plunger, a non-skid rubber base, and a vacuum seal that keeps your coffee hot for hours. Just add your grounds and hot water, give it a stir, and let your coffee brew while you get on with your day. The Travel Press is a great option for those who love a rich French Pressed coffee.

The Travel Press is available on

Brew on the go

Handpresso Auto: This fabulous little device is small enough to fit into your glove compartment and can brew a fabulous cup of coffee in two minutes using your twelve-volt cigarette lighter. You can use either Handpresso’s capsules / pods or your own coffee ground on an espresso setting. This is a wonderful, portable brewer for those who love a good road trip or must endure a lengthy morning commute!

Minipresso Portable Espresso Maker: The Minipresso weighs only 1.2 pounds (0.56kg) and sports a small hand pump that, when pressed a few times, generates enough energy to heat your water and brew a surprisingly tasty shot of espresso (no electricity required!). Overall, we highly recommend the Minipresso for outdoor enthusiasts who which to climb every mountain, coffee in hand.

Brew when gone

Aeropress: This fabulous featherweight brewing device is a must-have for many drip coffee enthusiasts. Aside from brewing a wonderful cup of coffee, the Aeropress is also remarkably low maintenance allowing you to use fine, medium, or course grounds steeped to your personal taste preference. As long as you have hot water, your Aeropress can brew you a fantastic cup of coffee.

The Aeropress is available on

Cuissential SlickDrip Collapsible Silicone Coffee Dripper: A collapsible, slim filter small enough to slip into your jean pocket and robust enough to brew you a lovely cup of pour-over coffee, the SlickDrip is a wonderful brewing option if you are trying to travel light!

Bonus! Brewing-on-the-move accessories

Jetboil: This lightweight, miniature stove and kettle combo fits nicely into a backpack and can boil water in minutes.

Porlex Mini Hand Coffee Grinder: Small and mighty, the Porlex is a phenomenal, lightweight hand travel grinder.


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