Slash your coffee budget with these easy tips

Have you tallied your total 2019 coffee spend? It could be well over $1,000 — and over $2,000 if you are under 34 years old1. That’s likely a shocking number when you think about the frequency and type of coffee drink you normally consume. For some, their annual coffee spend is actually greater than their yearly 401K contribution. Thankfully, if you are looking to save and keep your multiple-cups-a-day habit, there are some simple steps you can take to get everything you want — more cash and just as much coffee.

For the greatest savings, brew your morning coffee at home. If you have a mid-day coffee habit, you might also consider purchasing a small coffee machine for your office or a portable brewer that allows you to make and sip your coffee on the go. If you need a little more convincing, consider this, the average price of a regular cup of coffee at a coffee shop is $2.702. The average price per 8-ounce cup if you brew your own coffee is $0.50. Don’t believe me? Check out our page that breaks down just how far a pound of coffee gets you. Other steps you can take to save on your annual coffee budget are:

Volume shop and store: Purchasing 2.5-pound and 5-pound bags of coffee are generally cheaper than purchasing 8-ounce, 12-ounce, or 1-pound bags. To preserve coffee you don’t anticipate using in the immediate future, store it in an airtight, light-blocked container to protect your reserve coffee from staling agents (e.g., light or air).

Try out fractional packs: A full pot each morning people should strongly consider purchasing fractional packs. Fractional packs generally cost less per cup than coffee purchased by the pound, come pre-measured, and remain fresh longer than bagged coffee. They also make your morning brew easy and consistent.

Reuse coffee filters: Yes, filters can be reused! If you use a brew method that requires a coffee filter, purchase high-quality filters, and tend to brew the same coffee each morning / multiple times per day, you can reuse your filter. To clean your filter between brews, rinse it with cold water until it is free of old grounds. You can use a single filter up to three times. If possible, it is best not to let your filter fully dry between brews.

Hijack your latte habit: Love a good latte? Make one at home or in the office. All you need is espresso or strongly brewed coffee, some milk, a means to froth that milk (hand frothers, stovetops, and microwaves work well), and a flavoring syrup if you enjoy flavored lattes. In addition to costing significantly less than a cafe-bought latte, homemade lattes are also often healthier and generally contain fewer calories than their cafe-made peers. For some great at-home latte ideas, click here.

Bonus! Where not to save

Though you may be tempted, we strongly discourage you from engaging in the following coffee follies in your efforts to save:

Reuse coffee grounds: Coffee grounds are easily over-extracted on a regular, single brew. Double brewing takes extraction one step further and leaves you with something akin to dirty water.

Switch to lower quality coffee: Good coffee can be expensive but you are paying for much more than eco-friendly growing, fair prices, and a better tasting coffee, you are paying for your health. Lower quality coffee contains higher levels of caffeine that can lead to headaches, increased anxiety, and dizziness.

If there is a great coffee budgeting tip we’ve missed, please share it in the comment section.

1How Much Do You Spend On Coffee Each Year? According to a 2018 study, Americans between the ages of 25-34 spend on average $2,008 a year on coffee while Americans aged 35-44 spend $1,410

2Americans Pay an Average $2.70 for Coffee, While Tipping 20 Percent

3Do People Really Spend More With Credit Cards?

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