Meet your roaster!

Mills Coffee Roasting Co., one of the nation's oldest roasters, was founded by Thomas Mills, who emigrated from Scotland around 1860. Thomas originally called the company Mills Tea and Butter Company, only extending into coffee in the late 1800s / early 1900s. Thomas ran the company with the help of his sons -- after pulling... Continue Reading →

My first cup

People say I am too young to remember but I know they are wrong. I’ll never forget the first time I saw that deep brown molten silk gracefully pierce the white of the milk below, creating a marvelously caramel-colored swirl in the bottom of my white cup. my cup – my first unforgettable cup of... Continue Reading →

Mills 1860 Blend

Mills Coffee has been roasting coffee for well over a century and during the first 120 years, Mills 1860 blend was the ONLY coffee we offered -- and it is a GREAT blend! Decade after decade, countless customers remain loyal to our house blend. Even with the extensive offering list of single origins, blends, flavors,... Continue Reading →

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