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In a world that is rapidly isolating, coffee is a common bond. Coffee gathers people together around communal tables, gives co-workers a reason to interact socially, and serves as a universal sign of connectedness. Like many other specialty roasters, Queen Bean Coffee Company works closely with independent farmers and co-ops, supports sustainability and fair trade, and can wax poetic on the beauty of watching a bean go from seed to cup. Unlike many other roasters, what happens to our coffee post-roast is equally as important to us. As a family roaster who has relied on the loyalty of their customers for 150+ years, we care just as much about how a customer feels when they receive and drink our coffee as we do about the quality of the beans we purchase. Our customer’s coffee is our coffee. It’s a brew we share and that makes it more than a delicious caffeine kick. (click here to read more …)

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