Iced coffee, Japanese style

No more watered-down or stale summer iced coffee! If you love the sound of that, you'll love the sound of this: the Japanese brew method for iced coffee "flash freezes" your coffee, ensuring that all of the beans' natural aromatics and flavor notes are preserved. Best of all, brewing is easy, quick, and requires only... Continue Reading →

Iced coffee vs. cold brew

Iced coffee versus cold brew, our modern summer cold coffee showdown…or is it? While both chilled, iced coffee and cold brew couldn’t be less similar. One is your favorite coffee, with all of its wonderful notes and textures and the other is a rich, smooth, chocolaty drink. Confused? Keep reading! ICED COFFEE is a brewed... Continue Reading →

Creating a small business coffee program

 "Science may never come up with a better office communication system than the coffee break." -Earl Wilson Offering coffee in the workplace is beneficial on many levels –  it is good for employees’ health, increases productivity, and can save your company money (more on this below). Luckily, creating a great small business coffee program is... Continue Reading →

Regional coffee profile: Central America

Balanced, bright, and clean are the words most frequently used to describe some of our most beloved coffees, the “Centrals”. Central America, which spans from Mexico in the west to Panama in the east, sits in the heart of the equatorial zone, often referred to as the Bean Belt for its near perfect growing regions... Continue Reading →

Coffee and food pairing

Have you ever put a mint in your mouth and taken a sip of water or coffee? If so, you’ll know that the mint (and the drinks) taste very different solo and once paired. The same is true for our beloved brew. Each coffee has a myriad of base and upper notes that change as... Continue Reading →

Life of a bean…

The coffee bean begins life as a seed inside a protective husk called a cherry. Coffee cherries grow on plants ranging in height from 12-16 feet. The two main coffee tree categories are Arabica and Robusta and they are very, very different. Arabica plants are delicate and grow at elevations of 3,500-7,000 feet. Arabicas grow... Continue Reading →

How important is roast date?

“What is the roast date?”. It is an important question but not the most important question and it likely will not give you all of the information you are looking for. Roast date versus packaging has been a point of confusion in the coffee world for some years. Smaller roasters often focus heavily on roast... Continue Reading →

Brewing the perfect cup with an Aeropress

For those of you unfamiliar with the Aeropress, it is a wonderful, compact single cup pressure brewer. This fantastic hand brewer requires only human pressure (no electricity), fresh coffee grounds, and hot water to brew a delicious cup. Another great thing about Aeropress is that it makes the perfect travel companion! Lightweight and durable, you... Continue Reading →

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