Nantic Coffee, 225 women producing great coffee preserving a culture

Nantic means “our mother” in the ancient Mayan language of Tzeltal, and ‘our mother’ beautifully describes the story behind this wonderfully aromatic coffee. High-grown on the soaring, nutrient-rich soil of Mexico’s Chiapas Highlands, this stunning coffee hails from smallholder farms tended and harvested by a group of 225 indigenous women, many of whom are family members and many of whom are the prime or sole income generators for their families. Grown under Por más café, a collection of supply-chain-supported smallholder farmers, the Nantic women range in age 18 to 60+ years with the majority of women (43%) exceeding 50 years of age. Using traditional farming methods, these women agricultural entrepreneurs and heritage holders tend 475 hectares (1,173 acres) to produce exceptional, naturally grown coffee.

Por más café (PMC) is an innovative program that provides funding, resources, and tools to indigenous farmers to ensure an integrated, sustainable supply chain. Through PMC, smallholder farmers are guaranteed a fair price for their crop, growing autonomy, and practical aid / funds to nurture their farms to full potential. Between 2014 and 2019, PMC has helped more than 4,500 farmers.

To learn more about how we roast our Mexican Nantic at Queen Bean Coffee please visit our website,

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