Welcome to the Queen Bean Coffee Company’s blog! If you are a regular, we love you more each time you visit and value the feedback, insight, recipes, and tips you’ve shared over the years – please keep them coming! If this is your first visit, let us introduce ourselves and offer you a 15% discount code, FT15, for your first purchase. Our full coffee offerings can be found on our website, thequeenbean.com. If you prefer greater familiarity with your beans before you buy (I personally love to know the story behind my morning cup), our Profiles page offers more detailed information on select coffees, the roasting process, decaffeination, and much more. Other fun pages to explore are:
  • Lifestyle, fun coffee-based recipes and ideas for repurposing used grinds
  • Photobook, a sneak peak inside Mills and photos of our coffee cats, dogs, and …others
  • Coffee Stories, a collection of great memories formed, forged, and revived over coffee
Our blog isn’t only a forum for us to share, it is a place for your coffee voice to shine as well so, please post your comments or send your stories, tips, coffee critter photos, etc. to thequeenbean@thequeenbean.com and we’ll be sure to get them onto the blog.

Finally, don’t forget to sign up for our newsletter and follow us on social media.

We look forward to sharing our love of coffee with you!

The Queen Bean


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