Our quick guide to buying a coffee brewer

Speed, size, price, maintenance, Taste! Purchasing a coffee brewer is a commitment, especially if you rely on it to brew your first cup of the day. Before jumping right into brewer characteristics, it's important to identify the type of machine that is right for you. The self-assessment The first step in choosing a coffee machine... Continue Reading →

Chocolate covered coffee cups

Using a chocolate covered waffle cone is a great and easy way to jazz up your dessert coffee. This is a tasty treat that can be used in multiple ways. Fill the cups with coffee for the adults, or ice cream, or pudding for the children. What a crowd pleaser!!! Best of all they are quite easy to make and customize for whomever you are serving!

Grab your coffee and hit the gym!

Coffee is that elusive workout partner you've always wanted but never thought you'de find -- it lifts your mood, energizes you, minimizes pain and the perception of boredom, and even helps you burn more fat -- up to 3 hours after you've stopped moving! The key to unlocking this dream-like ally? Timing. According to the... Continue Reading →

Coffee profile: Yemen Mocha Matari

Yemen's history with coffee dates back to the beginning. According to some legends, coffee was first discovered in Yemen by a Sufi monk. In others, our beloved bean was first discovered in Ethiopia and soon brought to Yemen by a monk who became besotted after discovering he could roast, grind, and then brew this magical... Continue Reading →

Burr vs. blade grinders

Burr vs. Blade -- the great grinder showdown. If you are searching for a new coffee grinder, odds are you have felt a little like you are being ground yourself. There are many grinder options and very little information to help you distinguish the key characteristics of each. Today we are going to close the... Continue Reading →

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