Autumn vibes, coffee vibes

Autumn is in the air and that means the coffee is brewing! We’re happy to be back to Coffee With The Queen and to share our two new autumn coffees, Autumn Harvest Blend and Witch’s Brew. Autumn Harvest Blend is a smooth, full-bodied medium roast blend of two creamy South American and one crisp Central American coffee, topped off with a delicate orange-maple drizzle. This wonderfully rich blend captures the crisp, sweet, cozy feeling of fall. Witch’s Brew is a creamy, velvety mix of semisweet chocolate, pumpkin spice, and cinnamon and is available starting September 15th.

Other fall favorites are Pumpkin Spice, French Toast, Caramel Apple, Apple Crisp, Snickerdoodle, and S’mores.

Spooky Sips (four fiendish coffees with accompanying ghost hunts) is back September 15th. New recipes and great coffee info coming soon!

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