Pictures from our latest coffee photo shoot (yes, that is a real thing!)

We’re excited to take you into the roasting plant and our bistro area with these great pictures from our photo session with JLH Photography.

Inside the roasting plant

These photos show green (not yet roasted) beans in their burlap sacks, the beans roasting, the beans traveling up the chute to our degassing bins, and the roasted beans bagged and ready to brew. The second set of photos are pictures of our airpot tags and rolls of labels used on our bags. The last photo is of our sample roaster.

Roasted and ready to brew

The first set of photos in this group shows the break and ‘bistro’ areas (tucked away among the degassing bins) at Mills Coffee. The second set of photos shows a selection of our coffee bags packed, wrapped, and ready to ship.

Choppa, the rescue pug ready to ride

Choppa wandered into the Mills Coffee parking lot fifteen years ago. He was a hungry (approximately) three-year-old pug covered in cigarette burns and suffering from lyme disease. Today, Choppa is going strong at nineteen and still comes to work every day. He’s been such a great mascot over the years, that we created a blend in his (and his favorite special treat’s) honor… Choppa’s Chocolate Chip Cookie blend.

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