Mills 1860 Blend

Mills Coffee has been roasting coffee for well over a century and during the first 120 years, Mills 1860 blend was the ONLY coffee we offered -- and it is a GREAT blend! Decade after decade, countless customers remain loyal to our house blend. Even with the extensive offering list of single origins, blends, flavors,... Continue Reading →

Choppa, the Mills Coffee mascot

  Meet Choppa! Choppa is a wonderful, lovable, happy pug we found in the Mills Coffee parking lot 13 years ago. To learn more about the Mills rescue animals, check out our blog. To see more of our coffee critter photos, check out our Pinterest page.

Coffee talk and grandmothers

"Don't talk to me before my first up of coffee." My grandmother used to wake up at 4:30 am so she could ease into the day, sipping her first cup of coffee uninterrupted.¬†Most of the time nana came across as a patient, kind, generous woman but god help the fool who came between her and... Continue Reading →

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