QB coffee stories: mothers and grandmothers

Moms hold a very special spot at The Queen Bean and this week, we like to celebrate them all year long!

Alice Mills with current owners David and Susan Mills (G4)

The thoughts ‘mom’ and ‘coffee’ are two sides of the same coin for me; I can’t think of one without thinking of the other. My brother and I were always at the roasting plant as kids — climbing on bags of green coffee, answering the phone, and shadowing my mother in special delivery runs and at coffee trainings. As I got older, I spent less time at the plant and more time drinking coffee with my mother and grandmother. It was a girl thing in our house — gathering around a table with a cup in hand, learning and relearning certain things about each other. It’s this lifetime of love, sharing, and leading by example that inspired me to start thequeenbean.com. My mother and grandmother always inspired and instructed me to go out and live my own life — and, with all that freedom, I chose to go right back to where I started. Thank you, mom!

Cindy and her Grandma Minnie

The brewing of coffee has always been serious business in my family. When I was 6-years old, Grandma Minnie brought a stool up to the kitchen counter, had me step up and instructed me in the art of perking.

Minnie, Cindy, and Joanne

“Never fill the water above the line…”

“ 2 teaspoons of coffee per cup….”

Then the waiting began… slowly, slowly, so slowly the perking would start and that bubble of liquid filling the clear dome would entrance me. It was just then that the aroma of coffee would begin to fill the kitchen.

“Turn the heat down! Don’t let it boil over!”

To this day, if I hear that subtle perking noise, I begin to salivate. I am not ashamed to admit that I prefer the taste of coffee from the percolator. It brings me right back into Grandma Minnie’s kitchen.

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Wishing you all a wonderful day!

The Queen Bean



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