Mills 1860 Blend

Mills Coffee has been roasting coffee for well over a century and during the first 120 years, Mills 1860 blend was the ONLY coffee we offered — and it is a GREAT blend! Decade after decade, countless customers remain loyal to our house blend. Even with the extensive offering list of single origins, blends, flavors, and dark roasts that we now offer, Mills 1860 blend continues to be our best seller.


Mills 1860 Blend, composed of three Central and South American coffees, is and has been through the decades, a 100% arabica, strictly high-grown blend. Over the years, we’ve identified high quality, shade grown beans that we carefully match and blend to create a phenomenal cup of coffee with a consistent flavor profile. Delightfully aromatic and roasted to a medium shade, Mills 1860 Blend is a perfect morning coffee with bright, crisp notes of apple and lemon.

David Mills roasting

In the 1980s, when Mills Coffee’s current owners, Susan and David, assumed leadership, one of the first acts they took (one that probably made their father, Kenny, turn in his grave) was offering a decaffeinated version of Mills 1860 (98% caffeine free with virtually no flavor loss!). Their father passionately believed in the exceptional quality standards he established for Mills. Kenny, like his father before him, only offered one blend. It was a meticulously crafted, refined, everyman’s blend and he saw no reason to disrupt a system that had worked for 50+ years. Susan and David thought otherwise and, after introducing single origins, decaf, and other “blends”, they named this blend Mills 1860 because customers would call and say “we want x pounds this week” and Susan would say “of what” and they would say “of you know, Mills blend”. Good things just don’t need further explanation! To learn more about Mills Coffee’s history, check out this blog entry.

Click here to purchase Mills 1860 Blend or Mills 1860 Blend decaf.

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