Peek inside our roasting process!

From green beans to roasted perfection, this is how we transform our green beans into perfectly roasted coffee. To learn more about our coffee, please visit Green beans are delivered in large burlap sacks stacked onto pallets. These beans are processed (cleaned) at their point of origin or at a processing point located close... Continue Reading →

Home coffee roasting, 101

Yes, you can roast coffee in your home! While home roasting cannot, unfortunately, save you from a morning "I'm out of coffee" meltdown, it can be a fun, satisfying way to learn about your favorite beverage.

How important is roast date?

“What is the roast date?”. It is an important question but not the most important question and it likely will not give you all of the information you are looking for. Roast date versus packaging has been a point of confusion in the coffee world for some years. Smaller roasters often focus heavily on roast... Continue Reading →

Meet your roaster!

Mills Coffee Roasting Co., one of the nation's oldest roasters, was founded by Thomas Mills, who emigrated from Scotland around 1860. Thomas originally called the company Mills Tea and Butter Company, only extending into coffee in the late 1800s / early 1900s. Thomas ran the company with the help of his sons -- after pulling... Continue Reading →

The Roasts

When I hear people say "I only like dark roasts", I want to sit them down and explain how differences in bean aspects, roast, and origin collectively create a coffee's profile. In my experience, once equipped with this knowledge, palates expand and a world of new choices opens to the coffee drinker. Before delving into the... Continue Reading →

Celebrating blends!

We all know that a great single origin coffee is a treat but there is a lot to celebrate in a perfectly balanced blend. While all roasters strive to skillfully guide each bean to its highest degree of balance and complexity, blending requires a thorough mastery of a) each bean's natural dominant, secondary, and tertiary... Continue Reading →

Mills 1860 Blend

Mills Coffee has been roasting coffee for well over a century and during the first 120 years, Mills 1860 blend was the ONLY coffee we offered -- and it is a GREAT blend! Decade after decade, countless customers remain loyal to our house blend. Even with the extensive offering list of single origins, blends, flavors,... Continue Reading →

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