Meet some of the QB / Mills rescue animals!

We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals. ~ Immanual Kant

Here at the QB / Mills, we believe that giving back to the community — in all ways and in all forms, is the foundation of success. Over the years, we’ve supported numerous youth, veteran, and animal rescue organizations. Today, we would like to celebrate some of our favorite Mills rescue animals!

Mills Coffee is located on two large lots in South Providence, RI. Each spring, stray cats arrive, establish dens, and have a new litter. Over the course of about a week, we work to earn the cats’ and kittens’ trust and, eventually, trap them. If the cat is too ferrel to socialize, we get it spayed / neutered, and release it back to the yard. Socialized cats and kittens are found great homes. Here our some of their stories:

d2901-ariesAstro! One of our first rescue cats, we found this little guy as a kitten in the back parking lot when he was just a few weeks old. He was a very smart, agile kitten who managed to initially evade our traps. That said, once we got him inside, he was all snuggles and love. Astro is now a senior cat in a loving, happy home.

ca92a-sashatigerSasha and Tiger, these two siblings were trapped three years ago. These two little tigers were from a litter of 8 (we got all of them). Acrobatic and loving, these two Sash and Tiger took some time to come around but once they did, they behaved like little, curious, perfect shadows.


Molly showed up in our backyard when she was a few months old. We initially thought she belonged to the neighbor but as time passed and she kept showing, we realized little Molly might not have a place to go. Within a few weeks of meeting Molly, we were able to  pick her up, take her to the vet, and get her a new home. 10 years later, Molly has ascended to the thrown of animal royalty.

ChoppaChoppa is our favorite parking lot pup! We found him 6 years ago in our parking lot. He was scared, un-neutered, and had cigarette burns on his back. His paws were also worn out, suggesting he had been outside for a while. It took us a few attempts to catch this guy but once we got him, we loved him so much, we couldn’t let him go! Today, Choppa is the Mills mascot – with his own coffee and desk to boot. To see more pictures of Choppa, check out our Pinterest page.

Smokey Joe is an alley cat that decided he wanted in. Normally, he stayed in the parking lot where the Mills guys fed him. Eventually, he snuck into the loading area (pictured) and, a few days later, we were able to get him to the vet and neutered. Today, he is living comfortably at the home of one of our veteran drivers, Carl.

a80e8-jacksonJackson was given to us by one of our vendors. He was 6 when we received him and not very accustomed to being held or loved. It was a rocky start and the little dude tried to bite Susan’s nose every time she got near him. That said, within a few weeks he was socialized, walking on a leash, and in his new home bringing heaps of joy and new friends to a young boy. He’s also learned that grass is good and not something to be avoided :).

8128c-img_2039Tiger 2. Tiger and his siblings were found in the bottom of a litter bag, flee-infested, starving, and near death. A cat rehabilitation specialist got Tiger’s siblings healthy and ready for adoption. Tiger was not ready for adoption at that time so, Nicole and Max (the big cat) took him in for next 4 weeks of his life. Today, Tiger is the king of his Manhattan palace.  He also has his own blog….

Charlie is a much beloved pit bull David rescued from a kill shelter at 8 months old, days before he was scheduled to be put down. Charlie took some time to adjust to a cage free life but 4 years later, Charlie is happy, healthy, and an frequent playmate for other pups make the cage-to-grass (or snow) adjustment. To see more pictures of Charlie, check out his coffee or our Pinterest page.
To see more pictures of Choppa, Charlie, Max, and our other beloved coffee critters, check out our Pinterest board.

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