Coffee profile: Organically-grown Colombian Campasina

Colombia, long known as the home of Juan Valdez and many of the world’s finest coffees, has a  large, complex coffee growing regions, known as cordilleras, that span the mountain ranges of the Colombian Andes. The QB / Mills coffee comes from a  region known as Huila.

Huila, located in the south eastern part of Colombia, is known for its fertile valleys, soaring snow-capped volcanoes (4,500-5,000 feet above sea level), and rich soil infused with volcanic ashes.  More than 70K families, many of whom live the cordilleras, participate in region’s coffee production either managing small family-run farms, participating in coops, or serving as day laborers / harvesters.

The conditions in Huila  — mountains, volcanic soil, and intact rain forests — are near-perfect growing Arabica coffee. These majestic, ancient rain forest trees shield the small coffee plants from harsh elements, including intense sun, wind, rain, and even the cold. Historically, all coffee was “shade grown” even though “sun grown”, which produce higher annual crop yields but are environmental destructive, are currently dominant in South and Central America. At QB / Mills, we only offer shade grown coffees. In addition to creating a fantastic natural shield for coffee plants, the canopy also provides a home for over 150 species of migratory birds, the most famous being the songbird.


The plants grown here produce beans of a deep blueish-green shade, often indicative of beans with exceptional flavor and good body, and are wet-processed. At QB / Mills, we roast our Colombian Campesina (note: campesina means a peasant or someone living in a rural area) to a rich Vienna shade that produces an excellent aroma and a wonderfully smooth, rich, chocolatey flavor with overtones reminiscent of a deep Chianti wine. Colombian Campesina is UTZ Certified.

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