Bros and their beans: the perfect coffee gift him

Let’s face it, men love gadgets, and according to recent coffee studies, men also love simplicity and exclusivity when it comes to brewing up their favorite beans. Keep reading to learn what we’ve uncovered, observed, and heard about bros and their beans. We also have some great gift ideas for your coffee-loving man.

The where, when, and what of male coffee consumption

According to recent studies, American men consume approximately 3 cups of coffee per day, mostly during breakfast hours, and they predominately brew their coffee at home. Those who purchase coffee outside of the home tend to support small, local cafés (versus national chains) and mainly drink black coffee or espresso.

Translating this info into great gifts for him

Here’s where things get interesting! We know men tend to brew some form of black coffee at home, in the morning, and that the coffee is likely locally sourced or from an independent roaster. We also know that men love their gadgets. Using everything we know about men and their coffee preferences (including our experience as roasters), we recommend the following for:

The details guy: Let him control the process! A full package (grinder, brewer, and beans) is the perfect coffee gift for the man that loves to indulge in the nuances of process and development. If the giftee enjoys a thick, rich coffee, consider a blade grinder and a French press brewer. If the giftee prefers a lighter, crisper, cleaner cup, we recommend a burr grinder and pour-over brewer. Complete this great gift with a bag of freshly roasted coffee or monthly subscription.

The espresso-lover: Go for the Moka Pot! Espresso machines also make great gifts but require significant maintenance — which may be frustrating if your giftee wants to make a quick morning coffee. We recommend going full-out Italian style with a stovetop espresso brewer. The Moka Pot is Italian-made, highly durable, easy to clean, and delivers a superb pressure-brewed coffee in minutes.

The man on the go: A portable, off-road friendly brewer that consistently serves up a delicious cup is a great gift for the guy that loves to be outdoors or needs to sip on the go. Our favorite travel brewers include the French Press Travel mug, electricity-free brewers such as the Aeropress, and car brewers that brew via a car’s USB port. Click here to learn more about great travel brewer options.

The armchair explorer: A coffee sampler. Coffee samplers are a wonderful way for the armchair explorer to travel and taste a world from the comfort of his home. You could select an Around-The-World sampler, a sampler that contains coffees from a specific region, or a sampler that contains coffees of a particular roast. Whichever you choose, your explorer will surely enjoy the experience. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Click here to view our selection of Samplers.

If you are shopping for a coffee gift for him and have a question on any of our products / would like advice putting together a custom gift, please don’t hesitate to contact us at


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