Putting together the perfect coffee gift

Selecting a great gift is a skill… and if you are anything like me, that skill is in constant need of fine tuning. Today, we are sharing our tips for selecting the perfect coffee gift for your coffee lover, based on their personalty type, tastes, and sentimentality. We have the foodie, the adventurist, the perfectionist, the sentimentalist, and the sweet tooth.

The foodie

Purchasing coffee for a foodie can feel like purchasing an exciting new material for a sculptor or finding a rare plant combination for an herbalist. The quality of the coffee has to be top notch and preferably suited to the foodie’s brew method. The coffee must also be able to pair well with foods they enjoy. Coffee, much like wine, reacts with the other flavor notes, textures, and tones in the mouth. Our suggestions for the foodie are:

A gift basket is a wonderful way to present your giftee with a tailored experience. If you purchase a coffee gift basket from a roaster, they should include treats, such as cookies, biscuits, or chocolates that pair exceptionally well with the coffees included. If you are putting a basket together yourself, refer to a coffee and food pairing guide to ensure you are creating a combination that will excite the giftee’s sense of taste, smell, and sight. Click here to see our basket offerings.

A pairing of coffees with foods also makes a wonderful gift for a foodie. If you are purchasing a gift for someone who only has coffee with breakfast, you could, for example, create a few morning packages for them consisting of wonderful coffees and breakfast foods / treats that pair nicely with each coffee. To learn more about coffee and food pairing, click here.

The adventurist

If you are shopping for an adventurist, by all means, give them a sensory and visceral adventure! Great gift ideas are:

A coffee sampler. Coffee samplers are a wonderful way for an adventurist to travel and taste a world at a whim’s notice. You could select an Around-The-World sampler, a sampler that contains coffees from a specific region, or a sampler that contains coffees of a particular roast. Whichever you choose, your adventurist will surely enjoy the experience. As the saying goes, variety is the spice of life. Click here to view our selection of Samplers.

A travel brewer is another great gift for an adventurist. Our favorite travel brewers include the French Press Travel mug, electricity-free brewers such as the Aeropress, and car brewers that brew via a car’s USB port. Click here to learn more about great travel brewer options.

The perfectionist

Giving someone’s coffee life a reboot or dealing with a perfectionist? Go for the full package — delicious coffee, a grinder, and a brewer. The full package makes a wonderful gift and sets the giftee up for a fantastic coffee experience as you can select a coffee(s) that truly shines when brewed in the selected brewer, and ensure that the coffee is ground properly for that brewing method. Be the giftee a coffee newbie, coffee lover, or veteran brewing perfectionist, the full package is sure to be a much-loved, much-used gift.

The sentimentalist

Sentimentalists thrive on that feel-good feeling — so give them a gift that allows them to indulge in heart-warming sentiment all year long! Subscriptions are thoughtful gifts that continue to give long after the holiday season has wrapped up. While anyone can enjoy a subscription, this gift’s strength is really in the memories it helps conjure up and the new ones it helps make. Your giftee will receive their favorite and / or new coffee(s) at set intervals — which is always nice — and each time a package arrives, they will think of you and smile. Subscriptions are superb gifts for parents and close friends — people who love to feel your presence and who are always looking for a reason to call and say hello. Click here to see our Subscription options.

The sweet tooth

Know a coffee lover with a sweet tooth? Flavored coffee and flavoring syrups can satisfy that sugar craving while keeping the actual sugar and calories in check.

Flavored coffees are brilliantly aromatic and full of flavor with zero additional nutritional value (meaning a six-ounce cup of coffee is still just two calories and does not contain any sugar or fats). Flavored coffees purchased from a roaster come in a range of wonderful flavors from cookies to pies, fruity cakes, liquors, and full desserts. You can also create personalized flavored coffees for your sweets lover by adding an assortment of nuts and spices to fresh coffee grounds (more on that here). Click here to see our flavored coffee offerings.

Flavoring syrups are available in a staggering array of unique, tantalizing flavors, can be organic or natural depending on the manufacturer, and are often available in either full sugar or sugar free. If your giftee enjoys a sweet regular coffee or lattes, flavoring syrups and a nice bag of Colombian Supremo may be the perfect gift.

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