5 coffee-with-chocolate recipes to make your mouth water

Love a little chocolate in your coffee (who doesn’t!)? Here are five delectable Valentine’s Day ready chocolate coffee masterpieces that will make both your eyes and your mouth water. From a healthy red velvet latte to a sexy chocolate cherry mocha, these five treats are not only pretty, they are year-round, top-spot drink contenders.

Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha

Image from YesToYolks.com.

This gorgeous, almost flirty Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha recipe artfully combines real raspberries with melted white chocolate, heavy cream, and espresso or strongly brewed coffee into a beautiful, delightful drink. One sip of this mocha and you won’t help but see the world through a raspberry-tinted coffee cup. If you are making this mocha with strong coffee instead of espresso, we recommend using a dark roasted Central or South American coffee with rich, creamy base notes. If you enjoy flavored coffees, we recommend using Raspberry White Chocolate coffee.

Red Velvet Latte

Photo from AlmostSuperMom.com.

Nothing says love like a sweet, velvety, chocolaty Red Velvet Latte! With its rich red color and chocolate sweetness, both of these recipes are a red velvet lover’s delight. This traditional Red Velvet Latte recipe uses beet juice, cocoa powder, and vanilla extract to create an antioxidant-boosting, naturally sweet latte. If you prefer something a touch more decadent, this sugary sweet Red Velvet Latte recipe uses semi-sweet chocolate chunks, food coloring, and vanilla extract to create a delightfully decadent drink. Both lattes take about 5 minutes to prepare. If you are making the beet juice recipe, we recommend using a medium body, low-acidity coffee to prevent competition between the acidity in the juice and acidity in the coffee. If you are making the chocolate chunk latte, we recommend using a coffee with a very good body, such as a Colombian or Brazilian. If you enjoy spicy chocolate, a Sumatra will also work well.

Mocha Coffee Soda

For iced coffee / cold brew loving soda drinkers, this Mocha Coffee Soda recipe is sure to become a regular in your drink lineup! Made with iced coffee or cold brew, cocoa powder, seltzer, and ice cream this tasty dessert drink only takes minutes to prepare… and seconds to drink so, you may want to make a spare. For a true coffee float, check out our Ice Cream Soda recipe. If you are looking for something a little lighter and with strawberry, you can only go right with our Chocolate Covered Strawberry Coffee Milkshake.

Cherry Valentine Mocha

With creamy chocolate, rich coffee, and oh-so-sweet cherry syrup, this elegant Cherry Valentine Mocha has just enough of everything wonderful. To create this lovely drink, you’ll need chocolate and cherry syrups, strongly brewed coffee, a Maraschino cherry, and whipped cream. To quickly convert this beauty into an after-dinner cocktail, add some cherry brandy.

Strawberry Affogato

Photo from LorianaSheaCooks.com.

Finally, we have the much-beloved Strawberry Affogato. An affogato is a fabulous Italian dessert traditionally made with iced cream that is drowned in a shot of espresso. This modern take on the affogato uses stewed strawberries and cranberries, coffee, white chocolate bits, and ice cream to create the perfect dessert for your coffee lover. This recipe requires some prep work but is worth every minute spent stirring and stewing!

For more tempting chocolate and coffee recipes, click here.

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