The Queens take on a Pharisäeer Kaffee (German-rum coffee)

It has been suggested that the Pharisäeer Kaffee originated in the 19th century at a baptismal celebration. The father, a local German farmer, decided to add rum to the guest’s coffee as a surprise. This concoction was then topped with whipped cream to mask the odor of the alcohol from the unsuspecting pastor. The result was this lovely, soon to become a traditional, German rum coffee. Incidentally, do not stir this drink before imbibing. Traditionally, anyone caught stirring would be responsible for getting the next round. Enjoy!



1 cup of strong dark coffee. Dark & Spicy is an excellent choice

2 sugar cubes (or to your personal taste)

2 ounces dark rum (Jamaican is traditional but you can go with your favorite dark rum, I used golden Carribean rum)

Whipped cream

Cocoa powder for garnish

Heat resistant glass or mug


1) Add sugar and rum to your preheated cup.



2) Fill your cup with coffee until it is about 90% full.


3) Cover the top of your cocktail with whipped cream and sprinkle cocoa on top.


4) Serve immediately. This drink is to be savored. Sip it through the whipped cream, Irish coffee style and be careful when you stand up.

5) Enjoy!!


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