Delicious autumn coffee drinks (that aren’t pumpkin spice)!

Let’s face it, we all love a good pumpkin spice latte and sometimes we just need a break. From maple to graham cracker to caramel, we hope you enjoy these delicious autumn-inspired drinks!

Maples Lattes!

Few things conjure up that fall feeling like the taste of fresh maple. Lucky for us, maple tastes particularly good in coffees with prominent maple and / or spice notes, such as Sumatrans. As a bonus, pure maple syrup is packed with antioxidants and offers numerous health benefits!

Simple maple latte: With fresh maple, clove, spices, and your favorite coffee, this simple maple latte is both healthy and delicious. For time’s sake, we suggest making two — one is rarely enough! To discover the TheQueenBean’s take on this autumn classic, click here.

Maple sage latte: To make a maple sage latte, simply follow the instructions for a simple maple latte, adjusting the spices as needed, and adding 3-4 leaves of chopped sage into your coffee grounds before brewing.

Coffee with graham

If you love the crisp, subtly sweet taste of graham crackers, you will love these two graham-focused lattes. With the recipes below, we recommend using a strong, non-spicy coffee, such as a full-city / dark roast Central or South American coffee.

Graham cracker milk latte: Graham cracker, cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla, milk, and coffee. This easy recipe takes about 10 minutes to make and is absolutely worth the effort. With a sweet, cinnamon-brown sugar simple syrup and the slightly textured taste of graham cracker surging through the cup, this graham cracker milk latte is bound to incite a little autumn fever!

S’mores latte recipe: Creamy marshmallow, sweet chocolate, and rich graham cracker — s’mores lovers, this is your recipe! S’mores latte is easy to make and only requires crackers, chocolate sauce, marshmallows, brown sugar, milk, and coffee. If you are looking for a very rich s’mores latte recipe with whipped cream and ice cream topping, click here.

Caramels inspired lattes

Oh, caramel — salt, sugar, coffee, anything you grace is sure to be delicious! When making caramel flavored coffee drinks, look for coffees with sweeter chocolate, nut, or honey tones. Coffees with high acidity, such as Africans, may overpower or clash with the caramel.

Salted caramel latte: This sweet, creamy latte effortlessly blends coffee, salted caramel sauce, cocoa powder, and milk. Given the density of this dessert-like drink, we recommend making it with a heavier coffee, such as a Colombian. If you are looking for a drink with a little more (a.k.a. chocolate liqueur and vodka), check out Cindy’s Salted caramel kiss – A Coffee & Cocktails with Cindy short.

Caramel marshmallow latte: Caramel sauce, marshmallow, caramel marshmallow creamer, and coffee. I almost feel like repeating it just because this combination tastes so good!

Café Caramel Latte recipe: The simplest of these lattes, this drink only takes about 2 minutes of preparation and uses ingredients you likely have in your home: coffee, brown sugar, granulated sugar, caramel sauce, and milk. If you want to double-down on the caramel, we suggest trying this with Café Caramel coffee.

Hot and spicy coffees

Chocolate, spice, and vanilla — no blog about the tastes of autumn would be complete without a reference to these mouthwatering, soul-warming fall favorites. We recommend using a darker, sweeter coffee, such as a Peru, Colombian, or espresso blend when making the below recipes.

Vanilla spice latte: Fresh vanilla infused with warm, gentle cinnamon and nutmeg spice expertly blended with a strong coffee and some milk. This delectable, calming latte only takes 5 minutes to make and will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy for hours.

Mexican mocha latte: With cocoa powder, cayenne pepper, spice, and powdered sugar, this rich, fiery drink will spark your senses and warm even the chilliest nights!

If you enjoy making your own coffee drinks and cocktails, be sure to check out great recipes presented on our blog!

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