Delicious coffee recipes – just in time for the holidays!

I find inspiration for new coffee recipes in many places. Whether experimenting on my own, reading magazines, scouring blogs, or searching the Internet, I am constantly encountering innovative ways to include coffee in baking. In this post I highlight some wonderful recipes encountered on my searches — they all have two things in common: coffee and deliciousness. Enjoy!

Better Homes & Gardens Triple-Chocolate Mocha Cake

The name says it all! Deep, rich, delicious chocolate combined with coffee to create the perfect mocha dessert. The use of yogurt adds a delicious tangy-ness and extra creaminess into what is already sure to be a crowd-pleaser! While the recipe calls for a chocolate drizzle topping, my choice would be to up the chocolate factor by using a rich dark chocolate espresso ganache.

Hazelnut Bushwacker cake

This recipe comes from Real Simple magazine. Based on the Bushwacker cocktail (which I am, incidentally, now obsessed with), it is deconstructed and remade into a lovely chocolate wafer and hazelnut tower. The presentation alone is worth the effort! This recipe may be adapted for everyone as you have the option of using decaf coffee, regular coffee, or coffee liqueur!

Marcus Samuelsson’s fabulous Rum cake with Cinnamon Whipped cream :

In this wonderful recipe, Mr. Samuelsson combines four of my favorite ingredients: chocolate, rum, coffee, and a Bundt pan! I find that for flavor distribution, there is nothing like baking in a Bundt pan. This recipe is an easy bake, and the aroma will bring that fall to winter feeling directly from the outdoors into your kitchen!

Betty Crockers Espresso Cake with Mocha Streusel Ribbon

If you are both a coffee lover and a chocolate lover, this is the recipe for you. This coffee cake is filled at the center with a brown sugar-pecan-chocolate-espresso-streusel and topped with a coffee laced whipped cream glaze. The use of espresso powder, one of my favorite ingredients, elevates the depth and flavor of this bake to the next level.

Want more? Click here for a selection of our own coffee-themed recipes sure to satisfy even the most avid java junkie.

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  1. I have memories of the young me and a friend drinking mochas and thinking it most exotic. So, I might try out the mocha cake. Cindy, hope it’s not too personal, but is Pearl your married name?


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