Coffee & mint — a perfect combination!

Mint and coffee go wonderfully together. While many associate this much-loved candy cane flavor with the holidays, I believe it is a wonderful, complimentary combination any time of the year! We have put together a summary of our three favorite ways to enjoy mint with your coffee: using freshly grown mint, peppermint extract, or peppermint schnapps. Whichever way you choose to combine mint and coffee it is sure to keep you warm and happy throughout the holidays and all winter long!

Layered Peppermint Macchiato:


To create this beautiful and delicious latte macchiato, espresso is slowly poured into sweet peppermint milk. The result is a beautiful layered effect of espresso sandwiched between the layers of milk. This drink is as beautiful as it is delicious! Click here for full instructions,

The Queens After-Dinner Mint:


This coffee concoction is a caffeinated peppermint patty in cocktail form. Combining hot coffee, peppermint schnapps, dark chocolate sauce, and sugar with lightly whipped cream — it tastes like a melted peppermint patty and is more delicious than can be described! Click here for the full recipe.

Peppermint Bark Latte


While created for the holiday season, I definitely drink this latte all winter long! A quick recipe combining white chocolate sauce, peppermint syrup, and coffee topped with whipped cream and crushed candy canes. It tastes like that wonderful peppermint bark chocolate only available during the holidays. Included with this recipe are two quick and easy sets of instructions for creating your own white chocolate sauce.

Peppermint and coffee combine to create truly refreshing and wonderful drinks. We hope you enjoy trying these peppermint coffee creations as much as we enjoyed making them!

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