Coffee & Cocktails for the holiday!

I love the holidays. I love the festive decorations, bright twinkly lights, and gatherings with friends and family. This holiday I have put my own twist on three hot coffee cocktails — sure to put the ho in your ho ho and the jingle in your bells. Let’s try some, shall we?


The Queen’s after dinner mint

— A caffeinated peppermint patty- in cocktail form:

1 cup hot coffee
1.5 oz. peppermint schnapps
lightly whipped heavy cream
2 swirls of dark chocolate sauce
1 tsp sugar (or the sweetener of your choice) — optional


Pour the coffee over the liquor and sweetener. Swirl in the chocolate sauce and stir with your candy cane! Layer the cream over the coffee**.

If you like, put the candy cane back in the glass for some added holiday cheer, the cream may settle a bit , but when the candy cane melts in the coffee, oh yeah that’s good!


Cinnamon kick

— Hot & spicy coffee

1 cup hot coffee
1.5 oz cinnamon whiskey
swirl of grenadine
lightly whipped heavy cream
(A dash of cinnamon sugar mixed into the cream!
— optional, use no sweetener or the sweetener of your choice)
1 cinnamon stick for stirring

Pour the liquor in your glass first.
Add the coffee and sweetener and stir with your cinnamon stick. — leave the stick in the coffee.
Layer the cream over the coffee**, and dribble some grenadine over the top.



HoHoHo Santa you nutty-nutty guy

–A nutty coffee cocktail creation!

1 oz Amaeretto
1 oz Frangelico
1 cup coffee
swirl of cherry brandy
lightly whipped heavy cream

Pour the liquor in you cup, add the coffee (and extra sweetener if you want), and stir.
Whisk the cherry brandy into the cream and layer it on the cup**.

**Cindy’s tips for hot coffee cocktails:

All of these drinks were made with Sumatra Mandheling Coffee,  and were served Irish coffee style: The cream is cold when layered on top of the coffee, you should drink the beverage through the cream.

I pre-heat my glass by running it under hot water, before pouring any liquid in. I put the liquor and the sweetener in the cup  before the coffee — makes for better blending. For layering cream I use heavy cream, and it is only whipped lightly, with a whisk — just to when it is slightly “hilly”.
I pour the cream into the cup over an inverted spoon, which allows it to settle on top of the coffee nicely.

Happy holidays  everyone and I hope you and yours have a most joyous new year!!!

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Until next time..

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