Summer 2019’s trendiest coffee drinks

A refreshing cup of coffee? Probably not the first phrase that comes to mind when you think of coffee but that doesn’t mean it can’t be true! This summer we encourage you to try these deliciously refreshing, unique coffee drinks. Hot or cold, these citric, herb / veggie, floral, and sweet soon-to-be summer favorites are sure to change the way you think about coffee!


Coffee and citrus are a well-known duo on the espresso scene and we are happy to say that this pair is stepping up to the mainstream! Citrus and coffee both contain complimentary acidity that, when drunk together, bring a natural sweetness and lightness to the cup. If you enjoy a bright, sparkling cup of coffee, such as a Central American or African, we suggest you try the gems listed below.

Lemonade iced coffee and cold brew: While not (yet) popular in the States, this winning combination has been quenching the thirst of the Portuguese for decades. To make a great lemonade iced coffee all you need is iced coffee (or cold brew) and lemon juice. We recommend starting with 3 parts coffee and 2 parts lemon juice and adjusting to taste. For a more detailed, sweeter recipe, check out The Queen’s Coffee Lemonade.

Orange blossom latte: If you prefer sweeter citrus, this easy to make, incredibly smooth Moroccan Cinnamon Coffee with Orange Flower Water Coffee recipe is addictive and requires only coffee, orange flower water, and ground cinnamon.

Refreshing herbs and veggies

We’ll admit it, this was new territory for us and we loved it! Before trying these drinks, I would have questioned your tastebuds had you suggested adding rosemary to coffee grounds. Now I question why anyone wouldn’t. If you love the fresh, radiant scent and flavor of herbs, we suggest you start stocking up!

Beetroot latte: Naturally sweet and vegan-friendly, this beautiful (very pink) creamy latte is made from coffee, beet, ginger, cashew, cocoa powder, and maple syrup. With its rich texture and sparkling sweet overtones, this is a true summer treat!

Honey ginger cinnamon latte: Warm, cozy, and great for your skin?!? This delicious latte brings nature’s natural warmth and sweetness into your cup.

Mint mojito iced coffee: Yes. You read that correctly, mint mojito coffee. This unbeatably refreshing, cool drink is made from fresh mint, ice, sugar, and coffee.

Rosemary iced coffee: Packed with antioxidants and inflammatory properties this smooth, earthy, slightly spiced iced coffee only requires coffee, a spring of rosemary, and a drip brewing method. We recommend making this drink with a coffee that has natural earth or spice tones, such as a Sumatra Orangutan or Monsoon Malabar.

Fruits and Florals

Rose, elderflower, hibiscus… florals are entering the world of coffee and we are glad of it! Many of the word’s finest coffees contain lovely floral notes and while you may not think of mixing rose water with your coffee, we guarantee that the pair can be phenomenal. Unlike the sweetness created with citrus, floral coffee drinks are elegant and light making them a wonderful compliment to warm summer days. Below are some of our favorites. We recommend making them either with Espresso, French Roast, or a bright, moderately acidic full-city roast.

Apple & elderflower coffee spritzer: This beauty had me at spritzer. Alcohol-free and made from coffee, flavored sparkling water, and apple this delicate, refreshing drink is wonderful any time of the day. We recommend using a bright, medium roasted Central American or African coffee with this recipe. A dark roast or heavy coffee is likely to weigh down the texture and mute the gentle floral notes.

Cardamon and rose iced latte* Made from rose petals, cardamon, sugar, and spice, this elegant latte is surprisingly light, soothing, and absolutely worth the effort to make!

Hibiscus Latte: Made from real hibiscus flower mixed with lemon, ginger, coffee, and some sugar (this recipe uses white sugar but we recommend giving it a go with honey), this delightfully light, silky latte brings the best of summer’s flavors and scents into your cup.

Luscious lavender latte: Hello Provence! This wonderfully aromatic, gently flavored, sweet latte brings the scents and flavors of southern France into your mug. All you need to make this stunning drink is lavender, coffee, milk, vanilla extract, and honey.

Bonus! If you enjoy bright fruit-toned lattes, you may enjoy this grilled pineapple syrup — with it’s sweet, citric acidity, this syrup makes a perky addition to your morning cup!

*If you enjoy cardamon and rose, we have a great Rose coffee recipe debuting later this month!

Sweet and summery

If you enjoy the sweet life, these sweet, rich coffee drinks are sure to make you smile!

Iced coconut milk latte: Naturally sweetened and health-boosting this smooth, creamy latte uses coconut milk and honey or maple syrup to create a marvellously rich, good-for-you summer latte. If you aren’t a fan of coconut milk, just swap it for macadamia nut, almond, or regular milk.

S’mores latte: Warm chocolate melting over creamy marshmallow encased in sweet graham cracker….the s’mores latte is a classic summer / fall drink that can made hot or cold. All you need is coffee, a vanilla-toned biscuit, chocolate sauce, and some marshmallows.

Chocolate milk iced mocha: I’ll admit it, even as an adult, the thought of chocolate milk brings a smile to my face — as does this magnificent, decadent, calcium-rich cup of coffee chocolate deliciousness. My one warning here, one sip and you may start to feel like a kid again.

Raspberry vanilla latte: This sweet, vanilla ice cream swirl / Eton mess flavored latte is perfect for a cool summer evening! All you need is coffee (we recommend using a sweeter dark roast, such as Espresso or French Roast), milk, and a bottle of Hottie Tottie.

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