Luscious lavender latte

“Her love was like lavender, delicate and melancholy.”

– Laura Chouette

Few things soothe the senses like the aroma of lavender. When added to your coffee it infuses the brew with a subtle, spicy, rosemary mintiness. Gentle waves of lavender will surround you when you sip on this homemade lavender latte — a perfect, relaxing way to end a meal or start your day.

What you will need for one cup

1 tsp. culinary lavender (per 2 tbsp. of ground coffee – for even more flavor try using French Vanilla coffee.)

A dash of vanilla extract

1 tsp. brown sugar  (*optional and adjust for your personal taste)

1 tsp. honey

6 oz. milk


1) Combine the culinary lavender with 2 tbsp. of ground coffee (for one cup)* and brew your coffee.


2) Add vanilla extract to your milk and froth until a nice foam is formed. Set aside.

3) Spoon the brown sugar and honey into the bottom of your preheated mug. Pour the brewed lavender-toned coffee in. Stir the mixture.

4) Scoop the frothed milk on top of your latte and garnish with lavender.

5) Enjoy!


* The exact proportion of lavender to coffee should be adjusted based on your personal taste and the finished product.

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