The perks of giving the gift of coffee at your wedding

Coffee and weddings may not be the most common words to pair in a sentence but when done right, this duo produces a long-lasting cup of joy. In this entry, we are going to share our thoughts on why coffee is such a great gift and tips for ensuring you get the most out of your coffee wedding favors. So, what makes coffee a great wedding gift?

Usability and versatility: Almost everyone can find a good use for coffee, even non-coffee drinkers. In addition to brewing up a fantastic cup, coffee is fabulous in baked goods, as a DIY craft tool, in gardens, and even as a cleaning / odor absorbing agent.

Memorability: Coffee’s aroma is known to produce a fragrance flashback or olfactory memory — a memory associated with a pleasing scent. If you serve a unique coffee at your wedding and gift that same coffee to attendees, the scent of your wedding coffee brewing is likely to evoke pleasant memories of the wedding for your attendee each time they brew your coffee.

Affordability: Coffee is affordable, especially if you are willing to bag the coffee yourself. Most rosters will bag and wrap your coffee wedding favors… for a price. Bagging small bags of coffee is actually much more time-consuming than bagging larger bags and roasters have to charge for the labor. To cut down on the total cost of your favors, purchase five-pound bags of coffee and fill the smaller four-ounce bags yourself. If you opt for the latter option, be sure to ask for a bulk discount and for the four-ounce bags — most roasters will either give them to you at cost or at a significant reduction.

Tips for creating a memorable coffee gift

Create a custom blend: Create a special coffee blend that captures your favorite aromas, tastes, and shared coffee profile. If you are purchasing coffee favors and gifts directly from a roaster, they should be able to create a unique blend for you, complete with a custom label. Each time your guests smell the coffee, they’ll experience a fragrance flashback of your wedding and get to relive wonderful memories made that day.

Personalize your packaging: In addition to creating a custom blend and label, personalize your coffee packaging by incorporating colors and / or themes from your wedding into the packaging. This can be done by using your wedding colors in the label text, with colored wrapping ribbons, and with information cards either about your big day or about your venue if you’ve chosen to marry in a spot that holds great significance for you.

Provide useful data: We don’t often think of information as a gift but it is a gift and people love to receive it! Everyone knows how to brew coffee but few know all of coffee’s other potential uses such as an add-in to chocolate and coffee-flavored desserts, a dye and filler for DIY crafts, compost, order absorbers, grill cleaners, and more. Providing recipients with a tips or informational card explaining anything from how to keep coffee warmer longer to additional uses for coffee will ensure that even non-coffee addicted guests will find a good use for their gift. Below is an example of one of our Tips cards, which is printed on a business card and attached directly to the wedding gift or favor.

Offer a decaf option: To ensure all wedding attendees enjoy their favor, keep bags of decaffeinated coffee on hand. If you are creating a custom blend, ask your roaster to prepare a 2.5-pound bag of your blend in decaf; most roasters should be able to fulfill that request (even if they don’t offer it up at the start).

Gift a mug: If your budget allows, include a coffee mug in your wedding gift or favor. Generally, coffee gifts are one-quarter pound or less and will easily fit into a standard coffee mug. Mugs can be personalized, plain, or mismatched. If you are looking for a custom mug, Westford China is our choice for American-made mugs and cups.

If you have any questions about using coffee as a wedding gift or favor, please don’t hesitate to email us at Even if we aren’t roasting for your coffee, we’ll do our best to help you get the most out of your coffee gift. Finally, a favorite quote of ours about marriage and coffee from Stephen Gaines: being in a long marriage is a little like that nice cup of coffee every morning — I might have it every day, but I still enjoy it.

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