Oh that lovely smell of … coffee?

We all know that freshly brewed coffee is a magical smell but many do not know that those same glorious grounds due double duty as odor absorbers. Both brewed and fresh grounds absorb odor. I like to make small oder eaters out of my used grounds and throw them in the back of the fridge or freezer. To make a quick absorber, you’ll need grounds, a porous container or bowl (personally, I prefer to wrap mine to prevent against accidental spillage), and a pice of twine or rope. If you are looking to replace a scent, you may want to use a pleasant smelling flavored coffee, such as french vanilla.

Step 1: Let your grounds drain on a piece of paper towel. If the grounds are two wet, excess water will seep through your pouch
Step 2: Cut a small piece of cheesecloth or nylon. Old socks also work
Step 3: Cut a piece of twine or rope or grab an elastic band
Step 4: Pour the coffee grounds onto the piece of cheese cloth or into the sock/ nylon
Step 5: Tie up your pouch!
If, sadly, you have coffee that’s staled, you can also use the fresh grounds to absorb odor. Just grind up the beans, place them in an uncovered container, and set them on a counter

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