Small farms special! Buy 2.5 pounds of coffee and receive 1 pound free

Starting today, we are hoping to spread some cheer, goodwill, and great coffee during this tense time with our Small Farm Special. Independent coffee growers, like many in the world, are seeing their livelihood, subsistence, homes, and environment under great threat. If small farmers can’t sell their coffee, they will lose their small plots and the money that enables them to survive. We don’t want that to happen! To help ensure these wonderful farms persist, we are giving away coffee. Starting today, for every 2.5-pound bag purchase of Nicaragua Matagalpa and / or Sumatra Woolly Rhino, we will give you a free 1-pound bag of coffee. Each of these coffees is of exceptional quality and sales of each supports, reinforces, and protects vibrant communities, old growth forests, and threatened species. We hope this is a win-win all around. A win for the growers, a win for our customers, and a win for us because we want to be selling these two coffees in 2030 ☺️. Keep reading to learn more about these fabulous coffees.

Finca Idealista’s Nicaragua Matagalpa

Finca Idealista’s Nicaraguan Matagalpa coffee is grown by a single farmer on a sustainable micro-lot within the Gold Mountain Coffee Growers’ partner farms. High-grown, shade-grown, and 100% arabica, last year these Gold Mountain farmers won a whopping 27+ medals in coffee competitions and found unique ways to support, employ, and give back their local community — from reinvesting profits in the local community to numerous sustainable-development projects, including providing workers with access to credit, offering free computer classes for community youth, sourcing and providing medical attention, supplying schools far from utility grids with running water, and donating much needed necessities (textbooks, desks, libraries) to local schools. To read more about Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, click here. To purchase this great coffee, click here.

Sumatra Woolly Rhino is a high-grown, shade-grown, arabica from multiple small, sustainable family-owned farms. Named after the now-extinct woolly rhino, this coffee hopes to raise global awareness of the Sumatran rhino crisis while paying keepers of its natural habitat. Presently, these small, mountain farms are threatened by poachers and commercial developers. To combat this and help indigenous farmers earn enough to keep their plots and make a living wave, roasters pay premium prices for Woolly Rhino coffee. As a great bonus, these farms are also the last of the Sumatra rhino’s native habitat. To learn more Sumatra Woolly Rhino coffee, click here. To purchase this great coffee, click here.

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