Gold Mountain Coffee Growers’ Nicaraguan Matagalpa

We are excited to offer Finca Idealista’s brilliant, award-winning Nicaragua Matagalpa coffee! Finca Idealista is Gold Mountain Coffee Growers’ own shade-grown coffee farm, situated high in the soaring canopy of Nicaragua’s southwest mountains. As an organization, Gold Mountain Coffee Growers works tirelessly to support and connect partner coffee farmers with international markets, access to credit, technical assistance, and sustainable development projects. Gold Mountain and Finca Idealista are ideal in many ways — from their topography to their eco-conscious, sustainable harvest. The plush forest provides the natural shade canopy needed to properly mature beans while preserving the area’s natural biodiversity, including endangered three-toed sloths (pictured below), toucans, howler monkeys, tree frogs, and exotic birds. Sustainable practices, such as the use of volcanic material filters to clean water run-off and composted coffee cherries for fertilizer, strive to minimize environmental degradation caused by farming.

Gold Mountain Coffee Growers has multiple family-owned and managed micro-lots. To preserve inter-lot consistency, Gold Mountain dedicates significant time and resources to educating growers on the need for eco-consciousness, sustainable practice and canopy preservation.


As improbable as it may sound, this smooth, decadent coffee is only one of Gold Mountain’s great offerings. To date, Gold Mountain has reinvested in the local community through numerous sustainable-development projects, including providing workers with access to credit (in a country where access to credit is nearly non-existent), offering free computer classes for community youth (90% of the classes are female), sourcing and providing medical attention, supplying schools far from utility grids with running water, and donating much needed necessities (textbooks, desks, libraries) to local schools.

Great topography and eco-consciousness provide Gold Mountain Coffee Growers a superb foundation for developing top tier coffees — but that could be said of many farms. What really sets this one apart is the purity of transaction, growing integrity, and meticulous attention to detail each worker brings to their job. Gold Mountain and parent producers pay workers well and keep them motivated to make every cup a cup of excellence. Pickers select only the reddest cherries to ensure harvest reaches its highest level of sweetness; trained sorters use both their eye and delicate light sensors to identify and remove beans with imperfections; special food-grade packaging machines are used to seal bags before shipping; and all trade is direct with the roaster to preserve this wonderful farm’s intention and to eliminate revenue loss.

This particular Nicaragua Matagalpa, direct sourced from Don Francisco’s lot, is sweet with a delicate floral scent and smooth body. At Mills / QB we bring these gorgeous beans to a rich vienna roast to preserve their smooth chocolate base and cabernet overtones.

To learn more about Gold Mountain Coffee Growers, please visit their website. To try this great coffee, click here.

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