Cherry vanilla coffee shake

The availability, at the local fresh fruit market, of the most succulent cherries I have ever seen, is the inspiration for this beautiful and delicious cherry vanilla coffee shake. Of course, if you can’t find fresh cherries, the frozen variety will substitute nicely. Enjoy!



3 – 4 scoops vanilla ice cream (depending on your preference)

1/2 cup French Vanilla coffee

1/2 cup milk

2 heaping handfuls of cherries

1- 2 ounces of vodka (optional if you want to add a kick to your shake!)

1/2 vanilla bean or 1 teaspoon vanilla extract


1) Pit your cherries and then place them in a freezer bag. Leave them in the freezer for at least one hour before use.


2) Combine your coffee and cherries in a blender and puree to a smooth consistency. Pour the mixture into your glass until it is 1/3 full. Refrigerate any leftover puree.


4) Rinse your blender. Split your vanilla bean lengthwise and scrape the inside directly into your blender (or add your vanilla extract). Combine ice cream and milk in your blender. Blend until smooth.


5) If including vodka add it now. Blend your shake once more.

6) Tilt the glass and slowly pour the ice cream mixture on top of your cherry puree. Aim for the side of your glass to create a lovely layered effect.

7) Top your shake with whipped cream and garnish with a cherry.

8) Enjoy!


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