The tea lovers guide to coffee

For tea drinkers, navigating the world of coffee can be a mammoth and often frustrating challenge. The good news is, it doesn’t need to be! Tea and coffee, while natural enemies in the beverage industry, are more like apples and pears than apples and oranges. Below are our coffee suggestions for tea lovers looking to expand their warm beverage repertoire.

Finding your coffee match. If you like…

Pu-erh tea, your coffee match is a medium to dark roasted Sulawesi. Sulawesi’s smooth body, rich mouthfeel, and earthy honey-nut spice notes make these coffees most appealing to those who enjoy a nice dark pu-erh.

Black tea or one of the “Breakfast” teasyour coffee match is a medium roasted Costa Rican. The Costa Rican’s good mouthfeel, chocolate base notes, and sweet honey and / or stone fruit finish is likely to appeal to those who enjoy a rich Assam-based breakfast blend tea. For those who enjoy Lapsang, we suggest you try a smokey darker roast blend, such as a French or Italian roast.

Oolong tea, your coffee match is a bright, medium roasted Panamian. Panamians, particularly geisha beans, are clean and balanced with a nice mouthfeel and array of refined notes ranging from strong chocolate and berry to delicate fruit and floral tones.

Green teas, your coffee match is a medium roasted Brazilian. Brazilian’s velvety texture and nutty undertones produce a clean cup with sweet, mellow notes and a crisp citrus close likely to appeal to those who enjoy pure green tea.

White tea, your coffee match is a medium roasted Ethiopian. Ethiopian’s gentle mouthfeel and delicate floral and honey notes create an elegant, graceful cup likely to appeal to those who enjoy white tea.

Flavored or scented teas, your coffee match is likely a flavored coffee. Gentle in mouthfeel with a moderate body and intoxicating aroma, flavored coffees offer a range of sensory delight!

Brewing your coffee

Once you found your coffee match, it is essential that you use the correct brew method. For those just stepping into the world of coffee, we recommend trying some form of filtered brewer, such as a pour-over or drip coffee. (For more information on brewing methods, click here.) Brew temperature is equally important. Water warmer than 205F burns or over extracts coffee while water cooler than 195F fails to extract properly. Finally, feel free to experiment with your coffee! If it tastes a little bitter, add a pinch of salt to your cup. If you enjoy cinnamon or chocolate flavors, sprinkle some in your coffee. Prefer a creamy, milky cup? Add a tab of butter to your cup. Once you find your favorite coffee, don’t be afraid to dress it up!

For more coffee tips, click here. We hope this helps you find your perfect coffee match!

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