TheQueenBean’s gifts for coffee lovers!

Coffee lovers… well, they love coffee! Be it the novice who is still learning about how and what they enjoy in their coffee or the seasoned aficionado, the gift of coffee is always a great idea. This season, we at Queen Bean Coffee Company have taken your feedback and compiled a suite of gifts sure to please any coffee lover. From custom blends to subscriptions and an option to build your own gift, we have all your holiday coffee needs covered!

The tried and trusted

Samplers: Samplers are a great way to explore our fabulous coffees. Each sampler contains either 6, 9, or 12 delicious, individually wrapped 1/4-pound bags of coffee.

Subscriptions: With monthly and quarterly options, subscriptions are wonderful gifts for family and friends who already drink our coffee. Receive 1, 2, or 3 whole bean or ground coffees or 1 case of single serve coffees per delivery.

Baskets: Customized, personalized, and made-to-order, our holiday baskets are chock-full of delicious coffee and tasty treats. Baskets start at $25.

Gift certificates: Gift certificates start at $25 and can be delivered either electronically or by USPS mail.

The new and fabulous

The Gentleman’s Box: We know men can be difficult to shop for, that’s why we created The Gentleman’s Box. The Gentleman’s Box starts at $80 and includes everything your favorite guy needs to create a delicious, sophisticated cup of coffee: two kinds of coffee, a grinder, and a brewer. There are also upgrade options.

Build Your Own Latte: Give your latte loving friends a treat with this DIY home latte kit! Each kit includes two coffees, a hand milk frother, and a flavored syrup. If you want a bit more, you can add on a pair of double-walled latte mugs. This is a great gift for latte lovers! Starts at $55.

Three Wise Beans: This holiday season, we are bringing a little magic to our gift selection with our Three Wise Beans box. We’ve selected three extraordinary coffees to represent the three gifts presented by the Magis: Panama Princesa Janca for gold, Yemen Mocha Mattari for frankincense, and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe for myrrh. The Three Wise Beans box is $45.

Equipment: Brewers, cups, grinders, and more! This year, we are giving you the whole package! The best part? For every piece of coffee equipment purchased, we’ll throw in some free coffee.

The kind where you get to keep one for yourself

Tasters: Individually wrapped, 1/4-pound bundles of coffee joy! Tasters are designed to be given out as party favors or used as stocking stuffers. Custom blends and labels available.

Medley box: Our best holiday deal, the Medley box comes with a selection of either 5 or 25 4-ounce bags of coffee. These boxes are wonderful if you want to explore a range of coffees, surprise your family with coffee stocking stuffers, offer unique party favors, or add a little something extra to homemade gift baskets. Medley boxes start at $18.

Still can’t find that perfect coffee lover gift? Check out our website or contact us and we can brainstorm together!

Happy Holidays!

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