Tips to ensure you always enjoy a great cup of coffee

Below are some of the basics to ensuring your coffee is always fresh and delicious.

  • Store your coffee in an air-tight, light blocked, moisture-free container to ensure maximum freshness. Our valve-sealed bags are great for preserving coffee –just be sure to fully seal the top after each use.
  • Coffee is 99% water. If you drink filtered water at home, we suggest brewing your coffee with filtered water.
  • Coffee can burn! If you use a drip machine, be sure to transfer the pot from the heat to a thermal container within ten minutes of brewing.
  • If you use a french press or pour-over, wait 20-30 seconds after the water finishes boiling before pouring the water over your grounds.
  • If you enjoy your coffee best with milk, sugar, and / or any additional spice, we suggest you add the extras to your cup before pouring the coffee to guarantee even blending.
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Valve-sealed bags, unopened, will keep coffee fresh for 6 months. Once opened, they keep coffee fresh for at least 1 month.

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