Coffee & Cocktails with Cindy: time capsule the 2000’s

Ahhhh, the 2000’s! This episode of Coffee & Cocktails with Cindy is pleased to transport you back to a simpler time… When Lindsay and Paris ran wild through the streets of NY and LA. The trucker hats were large, the belly chains fierce, and the jeans…well low…

Unfortunately the trendy cocktails of the time period were also, well, low… Bottles of Smirnoff ice and Mikes hard lemonade appeared on grocery shelves everywhere. Jager taps were available for your home (or frat) bar, and if you were feeling particularly rowdy you could always whip up some crunk juice (Hennessey and Red Bull) with Li’l John!

Fortunately there was also a return to “Tinis” or “Tini like drink”; from the good: the ubiquitous Sex & the City Cosmo; to the bad — think overly sugar “apple-tinis”, or anything with Blue Hypnotiq. One of the truly amazing happenings during the 2000’s, in the world of cocktails, was the emergence of lots of secret door speakeasies throughout the US. Think you are entering a Duane Reade? Nope, tap on the aspirin display and the shelf swings open to transport you back in time to a hidden gin-joint of the past! In celebration of that trend, here are 3 classic cocktails I have remixed with coffee, in secret, just for you.

The old fashioned ruleroldfashioned.png
makes me say whasssup!!!!!!!

A play on the old fashioned
1 sugar cube
1 oz. Water Fire coffee from
2 oz. bourbon
A cherry or orange for garnish

Generously fill a whiskey glass with ice, add a sugar cube, the bourbon and coffee. Stir and garnish with a cherry or an orange peel!  If you love a good stiff drink, this one’s for you!

rusty1A rusty crown
(The Queens Rusty nail – Gets you party ready, Fo’ shizzle)

1 oz. scotch
½ oz. dark roast coffee – We use Costa Rica La Pastora ** from
¾ oz. Drambuie **
1 cherry for garnish

Combine the ingredients with some rocks in your best whiskey glass, garnish with a cherry & enjoy!
**Drambuie, a gold liqueur from Scotland, is notable for its spicy honey tones, its sweetness, its smoothness and its herb-y spiciness.  We have combined it here with Costa Rica La Pastora coffee because the honey apricot tones in the coffee are perfectly complimented by the Drambuie!

Dragons breath martini
martini4.png– or as Paris Hilton might have said — “That’s hot!”

2 oz. dark roast coffee
2 oz. jalapeno infused vodka
1 cherry

Combine the ingredients in a cocktail shaker half filled with ice, shake and strain over a grenadine-sugar rimmed martini glass. Garnish with a cherry and enjoy!

As always, it is my pleasure to guide you on a coffee cocktail journey. I will be back soon with the next episode of coffee and cocktails, but always keep your eyes out for a coffee and cocktail short!

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