The perfect cold brew coffee … with no cleanup!

Fresh, full-bodied cold brew at your desk? Without the mess of grounds? Yep. Pre-measured, natural filter-paper wrapped pods are made of from the same great, sustainable beans as our regular coffee and are a mess-free solution to cold brew. All you need are pods, a pitcher or airtight container (we recommend the latter to prevent a slight film developing on the coffee’s surface), and pods. To make a cold brew with pods, follow the below steps.

Materials needed: A pitcher or airtight container, fresh water, and pods. Typically we recommend 1 pod for every 5 ounces of water. For this blog entry, we are using a 15-ounce mason jar container and 3 pods. Each pod contains 11.5 grams of coffee. The cold brew batch was made with Organic Peru Dark Coffee Pods.


Step 1: Fill the pitcher or container with fresh water.

Step 2: Add your pods and seal the container. Wait a minimum of 10 hours before removing the pods.


3 hours brewing!

Step 3: Remove the pods.

Step 4: Enjoy!
To learn about other brewing methods, check out our blog.

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