Vietnamese style coffee

This recipe is a quick and easy play on traditional Vietnamese egg coffee. Often in Vietnam, the coffee is quite bitter. Adding egg yolk leads to a clearer, less bitter brew, without any loss of body. When combined with condensed milk the result is a wonderfully aromatic sweet yet mild treat that I found surprisingly delicious!


1) A cup of dark roast coffee — you can try this recipe with your favorite coffee, but the results are best when a bitter roast such as Italian is used.

2) 1 oz. (2 tbsp.) sweetened condensed milk

3) 1 egg

4) 1/4 tsp. vanilla extract (*optional)

5) Grated dark chocolate (*optional)


1) Separate the egg yolk from the white.

2) Combine egg yolk with the condensed milk and vanilla. Whisk until a stiff foam is formed.

3) Pour the coffee into your pre-heated cup until it is about 2/3 full. Keep about 1 tbsp. of coffee on the side to use later.

4) Scoop the egg mixture on top of the coffee. Drizzle the remaining coffee on top and sprinkle chocolate flakes over the cup.

5) Serve while hot, with a spoon.

6) Enjoy!


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