Chocolate mint iced coffee — a Coffee & Cocktails with Cindy short

A lovely minty treat for those hot summer days!

What you will need

Chilled coffee
Fresh mint
2 tsp. Sugar
3 oz. Baileys (or cream)
Coffee ice cube(s)
Chocolate sauce


• Place some fresh mint leaves and your sugar on the bottom of a sturdy glass.

• Muddle the sugar and mint: Press down lightly, and twist gently* — until you start to smell the mint in the air.

• Add the coffee ice cubes to the glass and pour on the coffee. Coffee ice cubes are a great way to keep your iced coffee from getting diluted. For tips on making great iced coffee check out these posts .

• Add Baileys, (or cream if you don’t want the alcohol), and add chocolate sauce to your drink.

• Stir and garnish with a fresh sprig of mint.

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Until then!


*When muddling it is important to use a muddler made from natural materials, mine is made of wood. Avoid anything lacquered or varnished to minimize any transference into your drink.

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