Make a homemade latte with your favorite coffee and a hand frother!

Love the look of lattes and espresso-based drinks but don’t want to invest in fancy equipment? We thought so! While we are calling this a latte…it’s not. It’s the dressed up version of your regular coffee with milk and a pinch of chocolate. To make this, you need one cup of your favorite coffee, milk, a hand milk frother, and hot fudge. 

Step 1: Heat 1/8th of a cup of chocolate fudge until it is warm to the touch. Once ready, use a spoon to drizzle fudge down the inside walls of the glass. Set the remaining fudge aside to use as a topping.

Step 2: Fill the glass 3/4th the way with a freshly brewed coffee. We suggest using a coffee with strong chocolate notes, such as Organic Peru Dark or Organically Grown Colombian Campesina

Step 3(Optional): Add your desired amount of sugar or flavoring syrup to the glass.

Step 4: Froth your milk using a hand frother. Add the frothed milk to your glass; top the milk off with foam. If you have time, heat the milk until warm to the touch prior to frothing.

Step 5: Gently drizzle some of the remaining hot fudge onto your frothed milk.

Step 6: Enjoy!

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