Know your grinds!

As coffee lovers, we often devote a great deal of time uncovering the nuances of bean origin, shape, flavor, texture, roast, etc. but rarely think about what happens next — the grind. After bean quality and roast, the grind you chose has the biggest impact on the overall quality of your brew. Using grinds that are too fine can morph a fabulous roast into a gritty, thick mess while grinds that are too course can result in a watered-down, disappointing cup. Sadness.

We are here to help! While each coffee embodies different tactile characteristics, following these basic guidelines will produce maximum extraction and quality of your brew!
Extra coarse grind:          Cold brewing
Coarse grind:                     French press, cupping
Medium coarse grind:     Chemex
Medium grind:                   Drip machine
Medium fine grind:          Pour-over, vacuum pots, siphon brewers
Fine grind:                           Espresso, areopress
Extra fine grind:                Ibrik (Turkish coffee)

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  1. Great post. I’m a stovetop espresso guy. Couple doppios every morning. Been buying good pre-ground, vacuum packed fine grind for years, but ready to elevate my barista. Any advice on grinders, grinding, etc? Faithful to my Bialetti Moka. Grazie, Michael


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