Making the grade: coffee sizing and grading

Quakers, taints, and faults? If you are a coffee lover and these terms have little meaning for you, you are in the right place! Coffee classifications can be maddeningly complex when you are unfamiliar with the terminology and delightfully simple once equipped with the lexicon.┬áIn our Bean Basics blog, we cover the difference between Arabica... Continue Reading →

Homemade chocolate covered coffee beans!

Homemade chocolate covered coffee beans are a delicious way to devour those last few beans in a bag. While we recommend using dark roasted beans, such as espresso or Italian roast, any bean will work. All you need is some chocolate, coffee beans, parchment, and a little bit of patience (or room in the fridge!).... Continue Reading →

Know your grinds!

As coffee lovers, we often devote a great deal of time uncovering the nuances of bean origin, shape, flavor, texture, roast, etc. but rarely think about what happens next -- the grind. After bean quality and roast, the grind you chose has the biggest impact on the overall quality of your brew. Using grinds that... Continue Reading →

Bean basics: Arabica vs. Robusta

The first step to knowing your coffee is knowing what type of beans you are drinking. On the most basic level, beans are either Robustas or Arabicas. Robustas, traditionally associated with the lowest-end coffees, are slyly making their way back into the roaster -- often masked as a sparky espresso or blended in with an... Continue Reading →

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