11 Unique gifts for your coffee lover

Handmade drip brewers, aroma-magnifying cups, and magic beans that keep your coffee temperature just right… we’re excited to share our 2021 best of holiday gifts list! If you are looking for classic coffee gifts, subscriptions, and brew kits, check out our 2020 best of list.

photo from handandfire.com

Brewing equipment for the coffee enthusiast

A hand-fired, one-of-a-kind, four-cup coffee brewer made from sustainable material? Yes, please! Throw in delicious organically-grown coffee and a thermal gooseneck kettle, and you have a beautiful, custom gift every coffee lover is sure to enjoy.

Hand + Fire Ceramic Coffee Dripper Set: This stunning drip brewer is handmade in Oregon by sustainable ceramic artist, Sage Cortez. Dishwasher safe and entrancing in design, this sturdy drip brewer holds 25 ounces of freshly brewed coffee.

Gooseneck Kettle: Stylish and functional, a Gooseneck Kettle is a wonderful gift for anyone seeking to improve their coffee experience. Gooseneck Kettles, unlike traditional kettles, allow for a steady, even flow of water over the grounds and minimize the risk of over-extraction. As an added bonus, most electric models are preset to heat to optional coffee brewing temperatures. Our favorite is the award-winning Bodum Gooseneck Kettle.

photo from espro.com

Heat-trapping, aroma enhancing, and taste-boosting cups

The sipping experience? It is a real, research-based phenomenon. Much like choosing the correct glass to best taste fine wine, selecting the correct coffee mug is equally important to the cupping experience. From coffee temperature stabilizers to unique cupping sets, below are our 2021 coffee cup experience favorites.

Origami Sensory Flavor Cup: Skillfully co-designed by Japanese artists and the 2019 World Brewer’s Cup Champion, Du Jia Ning, the Origami Sensory Flavor Cup beautifully enhances a coffee’s aroma. This enhanced, prolonged aroma allows the drinker to experience more coffee notes and creates the sensation of a fuller, richer flavor. In short, this sensory cup will have all of the senses singing with coffee delight!

Espro’s Coffee Tasting Cup Set: Espro’s beautiful porcelain cup set merges sensory science principles with elegant design to create a tasting set that transforms the coffee cupping experience. Each cup is crafted to highlight a different taste element of coffee. Tasting the same coffee in all four cups offers cuppers a unique opportunity to experience a vast range of coffee notes and tones via the drinking vessel. This elegant white porcelain tasting set is a fabulous introductory set for those who love to explore, dissect, and truly taste the tonal nuances of each coffee.

The Ember Mug: Sleekly designed, the Ember Mug allows the drinker to set the mug to their perfect coffee drinking temperature and then keeps the coffee at that temperature for at least 80 minutes.

The BruMate Toddy: Spill-proof (really!) and insulated, the BruMate Toddy keeps your hot coffee fresh and steaming well past your brewed cup’s natural life. This gift is ideal for those who sip on the go, and for those who sit and sip.. and chat with their hands. BruMate’s trademarked magnetic sealing BevLock™ Technology ensures that not even a drop spills out of your mug … no matter how rugged the terrain or dynamic the conversation.

photo from tribecoffee

The little things (a.k.a., stocking stuffers!)

Coffee Joulies: While it is often said that the best things come in small boxes, Coffee Joulies may be all the proof you need that this old saying has some truth. These American-made, stainless steel, bean-shaped creations rapidly bring coffee to the perfect drinking temperature and keep it there for up to two hours. Coffee Joulies are a great gift for the slow-sipping drinker.

Profesional cupping spoon: A beautiful, handmade professional coffee cupping spoon makes a wonderful gift for coffee enthusiasts explorers. High-quality cupping spoons are made of non-reactive metal and hold between 0.135-0.169 fluid ounces of coffee. The shape and make of the spoon promote proper slurping of the coffee during the tasting.

Coffee bean ice trays and silicone baking molds are fantastic stocking stuffers for the iced coffee lover and baking-with-coffee enthusiast. Coffee bean ice trays are a fun way to cool down and even make iced coffee while coffee bean baking trays are a great way to dress up espresso and mocha-flavored desserts.

Books on coffee are wonderful gifts for the coffee enthusiast with a thirsty mind. Our 2021 pick is James Hoffmann’s The World Atlas of Coffee, a comprehensive, enjoyable read that submerges the reader into the great world of coffee and covers everything from growing regions to processing and brewing. If your coffee lover enjoys more practical guides consider The New Rules of Coffee which offers fabulous advice for storing, brewing, and getting the most out of your cup.

MiiR Coffee Canister: The MiiR Coffee Canister helps keep coffee beans and grounds fresher longer with its unique accordion-style seal compresses.

Click here to learn about our favorite gifts for the coffee shop convert, the barista-in-training, latte lovers, and the commuting coffee lover.

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