Thin mint coffee milkshake

When girl scout cookie season comes around, I wait with bated breath for the arrival of my thin mint cookies. How to improve upon this delicious, minty, chocolatey treat? Why coffee, of course! Here for your enjoyment I present the thin mint coffee milkshake. Enjoy.


  • 3 cups vanilla ice cream
  • 3/4 cup milk
  • 1/2 cup strong brewed coffee
  • 10 thin mint cookies
  • Whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and two crushed thin mints for toppings


1.) Place the 10 thin mint cookies in the blender and press the crush setting until the cookies are fully crushed.

2.) Add milk and coffee into the blender and blend.

3.) Scoop the ice cream into the blender and continue to mix until you achieve a smooth consistency.

4.) Pour the milkshake into your favorite glass and top with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and crushed cookie crumbs.

5.) Enjoy your delicious milkshake. This recipe serves up to 4 depending on the size of your glasses.

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