Sweet sandwich cookie latte

The chocolate sandwich cookie translates deliciously into a homemade latte. Whether you are an Oreo lover, a Hydrox fan, or a do-it-your-selfer, this recipe introduces a simple way to translate those favorite flavors into a hot latte. Enjoy!



1 large cup of coffee — Organically Grown Colombian Campesina is a perfect choice as this dark, full-bodied coffee will stand up nicely next to the dark chocolate wafer and rich sweet filling of the cookies.

3 – 4 creme-filled chocolate sandwich cookies. Use your favorite, or try TheQueenBean’s coffee cream sandwich cookies.

6 ounces of milk.

1 teaspoon sugar (* optional — the cookies should add enough sweetness, but if you desire a bit more, go for it!)

Whipped cream for garnish.


1) Crush 1 sandwich cookie and set the pieces aside for later use as garnish. Crumble 2 large (or 3 small) sandwich cookies into tiny pieces and place them inside the blender. Add sugar (if you are using it).


2) Gradually add milk, blending (you can use the liquefy setting if available) in between each addition. Continue until the mixture is liquified.


3) Transfer the mixture to a small saucepan and heat on a low flame until warm, stirring continuously. You need to watch the mixture carefully as you do not want it to over-thicken.



4) Pour the mixture into a large pre-heated coffee mug.

5) Top with coffee until the cup is about 80% full. Stir the cup until the contents are smooth and frothy.


6) Garnish with whipped cream and crumbled cookies.

7) Enjoy!


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