Coffee profile: Gautemala Chiquimula

Guatemala is home to some of the world’s finest growing regions. While you may have heard of larger regions such as Antigua and Huehuetenango, you may not have heard of some of the smaller, equally amazing regions such as Chiquimula. Chiquimula is located in the department of Totonicapán, in Sierra Madre’s western highlands. Totonicapán’s geography is a stunning natural collage of steep mountains, old growth forests, deep ravines, soaring volcanoes, beautiful valleys, and wide open plains.


The department of Chiquimula, established in 1971, has an intriguing, complex history. Once home to ancient Mayan towns, Chiquimula has been economically and socially important to Guatemala for thousands of years. In 1851, this department gained additional notoriety during the Battle of La Arada, when Guatemala military forces defeateda El Salvador and Honduras military forces, successfully defending their boarders and being colloquially termed Ciudad Procer, or the Hero City. During Colonial times the area again gained notoriety as Kingdom Road, one of the primary commercial passages from Guatemala City to the department of Izabal, one of Esquipulas’s top tourist destinations. Today, Chiquimula is best known for the Basílica or Esquipulas, a popular pilgrimage for Guatemalan Catholics, and for the esteemed Ipala Volcano and Lagoon — an impressive volcano with a lagoon located in its crater.


The Santa Maria farm, which sits high in the Sierra Madre, at elevations of 3,500- 5,000 feet above sea level, boasts ideal growing conditions for arabica plants with rich volcanic soil, a temperate environment and a community that takes great pride in their hundreds of years of coffee growing history. Indigenous farmers and estate owners still speak Mayan K’iche’ and still use traditional farming methods. The coffee produced in Chiquimlua, roasted to a Vienna shade, creates an addictive dark chocolate taste that finishes with strong hints of  vanilla and blackberry. Few single origin coffees are acknowledged as complete or balanced on their own but this Guatemalan jewel is a standout with its good body, intoxicating aroma, and balanced taste. Absolutely lovely!To purchase this fantastic coffee, click here!

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