Home coffee roasting, 101

Yes, you can roast coffee in your home! While home roasting cannot, unfortunately, save you from a morning "I'm out of coffee" meltdown, it can be a fun, satisfying way to learn about your favorite beverage.

Myth busting: Strong, bold, dark, and caffeine-packed

Strong, dark, bold, and caffeinated! These four words may sound great together but whether they go together really depends on the combination of coffee type, roast, and grounds-to-water ratio when brewing. n this blog, we break these terms down and hopefully, bust the myth that strong and bold means dark and power-packed.

Coffee and food pairing

Have you ever put a mint in your mouth and taken a sip of water or coffee? If so, you’ll know that the mint (and the drinks) taste very different solo and once paired. The same is true for our beloved brew. Each coffee has a myriad of base and upper notes that change as... Continue Reading →

The Roasts

When I hear people say "I only like dark roasts", I want to sit them down and explain how differences in bean aspects, roast, and origin collectively create a coffee's profile. In my experience, once equipped with this knowledge, palates expand and a world of new choices opens to the coffee drinker. Before delving into the... Continue Reading →

Celebrating blends!

We all know that a great single origin coffee is a treat but there is a lot to celebrate in a perfectly balanced blend. While all roasters strive to skillfully guide each bean to its highest degree of balance and complexity, blending requires a thorough mastery of a) each bean's natural dominant, secondary, and tertiary... Continue Reading →

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