Spring’s hottest (and coldest) coffee drinks

A little café bubbly, floral lattes, a caffeine-light brew, and… mold fermented coffee beans? This season’s coffee trends are as diverse as they are tasty! From sparking coffee to tailored blends, these drinks give coffee lovers four good reasons to celebrate.

Sparkling coffee. This lovely, flavorful drink is as delicious as it is pretty, festive, and good for your gut (if made with magnesium-packed sparkling mineral water). Sparkling coffee can be made with strongly brewed coffee, espresso, or cold brew. Fill your glass with 1/3rd seltzer and 2/3rds coffee, and watch the magic happen. If you love a smooth, bitterless cup, add a squirt of fresh lemon or orange to your coffee. We recommend making your sparkling coffee with a bright Central or African brew.

Koji-fermented coffee is a unique, man-made alternative to Kopi Luwak (civet cat fermented) and Black Ivory coffee (elephant fermented) coffees. Koji, officially known as aspergillus oryzae, is a highly cultivated Japanese mold used to ferment traditional foods including soy, miso, and sake. Researcher Koichi Higuchi discovered that fermenting green coffee beans with koji spores produces the same bitterness-reducing effect as beans naturally fermented by animals’ digestive enzymes. While still relatively difficult to find, animal-friendly koji-fermented coffee is set to take on Kopi Luwak as the leader in unique beans. Koji-fermented coffee is smooth and light with low acidity and almost no bitterness.

Half d’Caff: half caffeinated, half decaffeinated coffee is back! These wonderful 50/50 blends, while long available, are finally getting the recognition they deserve. Half Caffs are typically composed of either the same bean roasted to the same shade, with one coffee being fully caffeinated and the other being decaffeinated, or at least two similar coffees roasted to the same shade, with one coffee being fully caffeinated and the other being decaffeinated. Half Caffs are a wonderful option for anyone looking to reduce their caffeine intake. To learn more about our Half d’Caff, click here.

Blends, the roaster’s art, are slowly taking center stage with their unique textures, flavors, and body. Well-crafted light and medium roasted coffee blends are particularly prized in the summer months for their beautifully balanced body and bright, clean flavor notes. Blends work especially well for sparkling coffee and herbal and / or floral lattes.

To learn more about spring and summer coffees and drinks, please click here.

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