The best coffee gifts for 2020

Two great things about 2020? More time at home with those we love, and more time for enjoying the small moments that bring joy and comfort to our day, including the time to make a delicious cup of coffee. Today, we are translating results from Mintel’s, Minetta’s, and Melitta North America’s 2020 coffee trends studies into thoughtful, useful coffee gift ideas for this holiday season. From coffee brewing newbies to budding baristas, we have gifts that will please all your favorite coffee lovers.

The coffee shop convert

According to the 2020 Mintel study1, individuals in their 20s and 30s, who traditionally consumed most of their coffee in and / or from a coffee shop are turning to home brewing. The study goes on to state that many of these coffee drinkers enjoy high-quality coffee, are brand-neutral, and seek sensory experiences. For these newbies, we recommend:

Sampler (variety) packs: Sampler packs offer a wonderful array of quality coffees, ranging from time-tested favorites to exotic beans. Samplers offer variety, are easily tailored to an individual’s taste (e.g., dark roast drinkers), and allow the giftee to enjoy an exciting, personalized sensory coffee adventure without leaving their kitchen. For those who enjoy taste testing and exploring subtle nuances in similar coffees, try a regional or country-specific sampler.

Subscriptions: Subscriptions highlight a roaster’s best coffees and while offering the giftee the opportunity to try a new, exceptional, fresh coffee each month. As an added benefit, subscriptions gift all year long!

The barista-in-training

Anyone who has gone from working in-office to working at home knows how meaningful those extra pre-work minutes at home can be. For many, 46% according to the 2020 Melitta North America study2, that has led to a desire to brew better coffee at home. To help someone on their journey to better brewing, we recommend:

A full brew kit: Complete brew kits include a grinder, a coffee brewer, and any supplementary equipment needed to brew a particular method and / or create a specialty drink.

A range of brewers: Different brew methods bring out different elements of a coffee’s character. If one of your coffee lovers seeks to explore the world of coffee, consider gifting them a series of small brewers such as a Moka Pot, French Press, and Pour Over — all brew up fabulous coffee and elicit startlingly different elements of a coffee’s character.

Latte Lovers!

Anyone with a sweet tooth knows how soothing the first sip of a sweet frothy coffee drink can be. Thus, it came as no surprise to learn that a whopping 33% of the Melitta study2 participants expressed a desire to learn how to make specialty coffee drinks at home. Our recommendations for your latte lover are:

Specialty drink gadgets: Specialty gadgets like milk frothers, hand-pressed espresso makers, and latte art stencils can quickly transform a black coffee with milk into a café-quality work of coffee art.

Coffee flavoring syrups: With an expansive flavor range and sugar-free options, coffee flavoring syrups are wonderful add-ons to a gift for latte lovers. They also make great stocking stuffers! We recommend Monin and DaVinci syrups.

Coffee drink recipe books: If your giftee enjoys experimenting with new recipes, consider gifting them a recipe book of coffee drinks, such as The Coffee Recipe Book.

The commuting coffee lover

According to the Melitta study2, 54% of survey respondents expressed apprehension over using communal coffee machines, and nearly half (45%) expressed the intention to bring their own brewing equipment to the office. As someone who spent her in-office career with a personal brewer on her desk, I can attest to the magic of personal brewers! Our recommendations for your germ-conscious coffee lover are:

Travel brewers: Travel brewers are light-weight, incredibly versatile, and use little to no electricity to brew. From travel presses to in-car brewers that brew using a USB port or twelve-volt cigarette lighter, travel brewers are a wonderful gift for someone who spends significant time traveling to / from work, traveling for work, and / or coffee breaks in their car. To learn more about travel brewers, click here.

Singe cup, manual brewers: The Aeropress and single cup cone drip brewers only require hot water to brew up wonderfully flavorful, aromatic coffee. They are also very easy to clean, brew directly into the cup, and require very little storage space.

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1Coronavirus pandemic boosts consumption: US at-home coffee market to grow 4.9% in 2020

2Covid is changing coffee consumption habits

How COVID-19 Continues to Impact Coffee Shops Worldwide

Pandemic turns consumers into at-home baristas

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