Guest post! How to cut your coffee expenses | 5 best ways

According to the News, most of us are spending more money on takeout coffee than on our retirement plans. Crazy, right? Despite this, you can definitely reduce your coffee expense and ensure that you have more money in your pocket. Today I’ll share five amazing, effective ways to cut your coffee expense dramatically without sacrificing good quality coffee.

5 Ridiculously simple ways to cut your coffee expense 

Reduce your takeout coffee trips

If you’re like me and you are prone to making three coffee trips in a single day during the workweek, then you are definitely over-spending! A simple review of your bank accounts or budget breakdown can help you on the path to reducing your takeout coffee trips. If you can reduce the number of trips in a single day down to one takeout coffee, you’ll save a lot of money.

Enjoy quality coffee at home

There are several ways you can enjoy coffee at home, even if you don’t have a coffee maker but sometimes, black coffee with or without milk just doesn’t cut it. If that is the case for you, you need to start trying flavored coffee. Flavored coffee beans are roasted with high-quality, concentrated syrup that fuses into the coffee. Once brewed, they can deliver amazing flavor tones and notes that replicate your favorite flavored latte from your local cafe! The best part is, there are so many flavors you can try.

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Invest in a good coffee maker

This one comes with an initial expense, but after you find a good quality espresso maker that can make a decent latte, you’ll be able to save yourself thousands in the long run. To illustrate, I ended up purchasing a Breville Barista over 6 months ago. The cost of the machine was a bit steep initially but its a great deal if I look at it compared to my former annual takeaway coffee habit. If I did three coffee trips over a workweek (which is about 252 working days), at $4 a coffee this set me back $3,024 per year. Since owning the machine, I have not made a single trip to a coffee shop in over 6 months! The coffee machine has paid itself off already. If you don’t have that kind of money laying around, consider saving for one or opting for a good quality low-cost machine.

Get a smaller coffee over an extra-large coffee

Ok, ok, ok so what if you can’t reduce your coffee trips or even afford a good coffee machine. After all, breaking a habit is incredibly hard. Another good tip on cutting your coffee expense is to opt for a small takeout coffee over an extra-large. Besides saving a lot of money in the size reduction, you’ll also be consuming less caffeine in a day. Consuming less caffeine per cup has numerous health benefits and according to healthline, you’ll start experiencing:

  • Less anxiety;
  • Better sleep;
  • Balanced hormones for women.

Look for special coffee deals

If you’re finally starting to cut back your takeout coffee expense and have purchased a coffee machine, you can reduce your at-home coffee expense by looking out for discounts or coupons. Oftentimes, if you sign up to a coffee roaster’s newsletter, they’ll send out regular promotions or coupon codes that can save you money on coffee. currently has a promotion going on some specialty coffees: browse monthly special.

Final thoughts

So there you have it, a few of my favorite ways of cutting coffee expenses. Remember this, an extra-large latte can set you back $4 per latte. If you buy lattes two times a day for an entire year, it can cost you over $2,900. Imagine having saved this, you could use it to do all sorts of things, such as going on an overseas vacation! Cutting your coffee expense is no easy task, and it is more about creating a new set of habits that gets you out of spending that much. In saying that, it’s definitely not a bad thing to enjoy the odd takeout coffee with a friend when celebrating an achievement.

Written by Marco Baatjes of Caffeinated Face.

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