Winter’s hottest coffee-based cocktails

Looking to add some extra warmth to your coffee cup this winter? Try these delicious spiked coffees and coffee cocktails.

Irish coffee: This classic drink is not to be missed during the holiday season! Sure to warm you up in many ways, this delicious, watch yourself or you’ll be delirious drink is made with strong coffee, whiskey, sugar, and cream. Click here for the full recipe.

Anatolia Café: If you are in one of those moods where you want a little bit of everything — a little sweet, a little coffee, a little bite — this is the drink for you! To make the Anatolia Café you need coffee, cognac, cherry liquor, and cinnamon syrup.

Cafe Brasileiro brings the festive heat and joy of Brazil into your cup with a smooth cachaca-based drink. This wonderfully spirited recipe uses coffee, cachaca, dark chocolate liquor, simple syrup, and vanilla cream.

Flaming Spanish Coffee truly lives up to its name! This flaming cup is made with coffee, rum, spirits, spices, and whipped cream. Click here for the full recipe.

French Connection tastes like love at first sip for those of you with a sweet tooth! Made with coffee, cognac, amaretto, whipped cream, and shaved almonds, the French Connection is a festive, elegantly robust drink sure to become a fast winter favorite.

Gingerbread Breakfast: Created at the Four Seasons Orlando, this delectabe sweetly spiced coffee is made with coffee, buttered rum, ginger syrup, half and half, whipped cream, and ginger snap. Click here for the full recipe.

Kentucky coffee is a mouth-watering, hazelnut-toned play on the traditional Irish Cream coffee. To make a Kentucky coffee, you need coffee, Bourbon, Irish Cream, Hazelnut Schnapps Liqueur, and whipped cream.

Siciliano: With Italian origin, you know it is sure to be tasty. This striking, suave drink calls for coffee, vermouth, amaro, simple syrup, and club soda. Click here for the recipe.

Southern Limerick: A knock-you-on-your-seat beauty that captures the best of Southern charm and flavor. Made with coffee, demerara syrup, meletti, and rye, this stylish drink will fill your body and heart with warmth. Click here for the full recipe.

Spiked Mexican Mocha: Smooth, spicy, and undeniably fun, the Spiked Mexican Mocha is a festive holiday treat! to make this flavor-packed drink, you need coffee, a vanilla bean, cinnamon, salt, unsweetened cocoa powder, Tia Maria, milk, and chili powder. Click here to see more of Cindy’s great coffee cocktails!

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